Conservation plan bumps dam idea

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2 มิถุนายน 2546

The government will scrap the controversial Kang Sua Ten Dam project and opt
for a cheaper and more efficient project to conserve basin and watershed
areas to prevent seasonal flooding in Phrae province.

"The conservation project will handle 1.4 billion cubic metres of overflow
water at a cost of Bt2 billion while the dam could only hold 800 million
cubic metres at a cost of Bt6 billion," said Plodprasop Suraswadi, permanent
secretary of the Natural Resources and Environment Ministry.

Phrae authorities and relevant government agencies have already endorsed the
conservation project, Plodprasop said.

The conservation was meant to restore the natural terrain and improve water
flow through a series of weirs and dykes in 26 lowlands areas of the Yom
basin and the river's 16 tributaries, he said.

Phrae Governor Amornphan Nimanan said the dam's construction had been put on
hold indefinitely because of strong opposition from
environmental-conservation groups.

"I still believe the dam might be needed in the future," he said, conceding
that it was unnecessary at this juncture.