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Dams in Laos

Reports, articles, and news by Living River Siam

  1. VDO clip: Poor rice field compensated by Theun Hinboun Extention Project surveyed in Nov 2009
  2. Photos of Nam Theun 2 Project (NT2) and its impacts   surveyed in May 2009
  3. Photos of Theun-Hinboun Extention Project (THB2) and its impacts  surveyed in May 2009
  4. VDO clip: Somboon village impacted by THB2 before moving to resettlement area  surveyed in May 2009
  5. VDO clip: Sopkhom village impacted by THB2 before moving  surveyed in May 2009
  6. VDO clip: THB1 dam site   surveyed in May 2009
  7. Photos of NT2 and impacts  surveyed in Nov. 2005
  8. Photos of THB impacts surveyed in Nov. 2005


  1. NGO letter to WB and ADB on Nam Thuen 2  6 Dec 2010
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